Who are we?

ISMA is specialised in explosion safety, mainly of gas and dust, and static electricity.

ISMA combines a thorough knowledge of explosions with extensive process experience. Because of this unique combination, ISMA's advice is pragmatic and directly applicable to you.

Partly due to its own research, ISMA continues to expand its knowledge, and in doing so, has acquired a world-wide reputation. ISMA also has an extensive knowledge of European guidelines and legislation, and is actively involved in the European working groups that draw up these guidelines. 

This makes ISMA your most reliable partner for advice on protecting your process plant against explosions and fire. 

ISMA can help your company with drawing up the necessary explosion safety documents and permits, in accordance with the Atex legislation. ISMA is recognised as an independent third party in this process and is accredited by a large number of official and semi-official organisations in several European countries. 

ISMA provides tailor-made courses and training in your company or organisation. These courses help you to correctly interpret the new ATEX legislation and to protect your staff and infrastructure against the possible consequences of explosions. 

In case of incidents, ISMA can provide efficient guidance in the grey zone between law and technology. In this way, it can act as an interface for the management. 

Of course, ISMA can also carry out the technical investigation into the cause and advise on possible improvements.  

Mission & Vision

We offer services that support our customers in solving problems. In doing so, we put safety first. Our emphasis is on explosion safety, but other areas, such as suffocation and fire safety, are just around the corner and are not ignored. 

We strive to find a practical and financially viable solution. We believe it is important that there is mutual trust to achieve this.

We build a bridge between legislation and implementation. Of course an installation must meet the legal requirements, but our vision is that safety comes first.
Finally, we strive to provide timely and accurate advice.